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It was a Thursday in late May. The weather was nicer then, nicer than it is today (on 5/30/2011) at least. On that fateful day the trail was ablaze with runners, walkers, bikers, and the occasional feral cat (or twelve).  Small talk ensued, Angela about her two dogs and how Floyd had just learned to jump on the bed, Dane about the fact that it was a terrible time to buy a house (Angela unbeknownst to him having just bought one); and about his latest engineering project (of which all Angela remembered was that it had something to do with a swimsuit). Fast forward a decade or so (in dog years of course) and we still run that same trail, just not as often, because its “boring” and “flat” and we would much rather run something much more hilly, with a lot of twists and turns, where sometimes you get lost and can’t find the trail, but then just when you are about to give up you hear a growl in the distance that may or may not be a mountain lion, and suddenly you stumble upon the trail again. Kinda like life. Deep thoughts, huh?

Anyway, both Angela and Dane are children of the 70’s. If only barely. They grew up about 3000 miles away, Angela on the East Coast, Dane on the West. It’s funny what that does to a person. Angela spent her mornings noshing on “Morton honey buns” while Dane sucked on kefir (I don’t even know what this is)  and garlic capsules (and probably an avocado or two, ‘cuz that’s what Californians eat, right?!) While Angela grew up “hard”, trudging miles through the snow and ice and blustering winds to school each day, Dane wore shorts, and woke up every day to sunshine and happy cows. (Angela would like to point out though that at least on HER coast you can swim in the ocean sans wetsuit…if only for three months of the year).

Through their differences it is amazing what things they still have in common. Here is a list, in case you were wondering:

  • We both like math. For example, during a “40% off sale” at your local department store,  Angela is amazing at figuring out exactly what something might cost. Dane is good at math too but he is more into stuff like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxwell%27s_equations
  • Pepper Jack cheese and mustard sandwiches on french bread for any and every meal.
  • Neil Diamond’s, “America” played repeatedly on each of their respective road trips while visiting family.
  • After completing the 18.4 mile “to the river and back” Grand Canyon Hike in just one day, we both agreed it was best to walk back to the parking lot so that we could make it an even 20.
  • Whenever Angela is forced to eat a peanut M&M because there are no plain on hand, all she has to do is dig out the peanut and Dane will eat it. To add to that, even though Angela is a picky eater (only child thing) Dane never complains and eats whatever it is she leaves behind.
  • Angela named her (white) car Snowflake, while Dane named his (black car) Coalflake. Cute, huh?
  • ESP. Now this one is deep, in fact it warrants its own paragraph altogether.

connecting over ESP

Extrasensory perception (ESP) involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind. Angela did a science project on it once but she admits that she stole that last sentence from Wikipedia because lets be honest, Angela sells Social Software and the word “extrasensory” rarely pops into her vocabulary.  Anyway, from the day Angela and Dane moved their relationship from Facebook to SMS (a.k.a. texting) what wound up happening was that they would text each other at the EXACT SAME TIME. How cool is that? And they didn’t even have the same carriers! Or devices! And this even accounts for the delay one might experience when trying to get a text to actually send from an iPhone because you have lost your signal, in Cupertino, next to Apple HQ. But yeah, total ESP. Physically, mentally and technologically connected. That about sums it up.


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