Introducing the “Rexy-Plex”…

April 14, 2012 at 11:17 pm 3 comments

a.k.a. the nursery. Apparently you are meant to finish said nursery during your second trimester, “just in case”; clearly I never got the memo. Thankfully, I had a 45-day grace period while Rex was chillin’ in the NICU to work on it. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?!

Better late than never though, and so after the culmination of several weeks of collaboration between both sets of grandparents (what better way to bond?) and some sweat equity by yours truly (basically I was desperate for a mindless distraction and the possibility that a few paint fumes might lift my spirits) the “Rexy Plex” was complete.  While Rex currently leaves his precious binkies (yes, plural, there are many) all over the house, soon they (and he) will call the ‘Plex home.  Well, that is, once we get the dogs to stop monopolizing the rocking chair and getting their nasty bone residue all over the fluffy white area rugs.

The reason behind my procrastination in completing the nursery stemmed from the fact that I was stuck trying to figure out how to best do “girly” without giving Rex a complex. How was I meant to incorporate pink, lace and tulle in a room that, if any of the big box baby stores had their way, would be full of trains, cars and monkeys. Monkies? Honestly, aren’t monkies creepy? I think so at least.  Clearly I needed someone to help me think outside the box.  Luckily for me no one lives further outside the box than my own mother, who was already en-route to California for a little visit.

For those of you who don’t know, “Gran-Ma Self” (as she now likes to be called) is quite the artist and interior designer, as long the designing involves staples and glue guns; not sewing machines.  Gran-Ma loves stuff like this (when she is the one in charge).  She is a perfectionist who feels the most creative just before two in the morning. The challenge of course, is that you can’t “reign in an artist” (her words not mine) so while she loves to design, sometimes the repetitiveness involved in the actual implementation can stifle her creativity and make her “bored”. As a result I made sure to surround her with people (Rex’s other grandparents) who could drive her towards completion. (uh, yeah, near impossible)

For four long days that started at the crack of dawn (11AM), had limited lunch breaks (12:30PM, 1PM, 2:15PM, 2:30PM, 3PM…you get the picture), and ended long after midnight (well, after an 8-hour hiatus there was a bit of activity around 2AM), we had ourselves a partially finished nursery. We also had a ceiling fan that had been rendered unusable as a certain someone (not me), had managed to paint over every single electrical socket in the room. Oh well, easy mistake.  But yeah, in true Gran-Ma fashion and just like the ‘ole “fish ornament assembly line of ‘04” Gran-Ma had built the prototype and then become completely distracted while I finished the job.

I am kinda teasing here (creative license and all), as there was quite a bit of work done by the “team” during those four days. Major props to Gran-Ma Self for her creativity and hard work, Grandma Patty for implementing Gran-Ma’s design (and keeping her on task), as well as washing several hundred little pairs of pants, jumpers, t-shirts and onesies.  Grandpa Jim for picking up all the supplies and taking Gran-Ma to Lowe’s (very brave), Myles and Floyd for not tracking paint through the house and Dane for acting as Quality Control (a role he was born to play).

With the departure of Gran-Ma I took to finishing the painting during my breaks from the NICU (instead of napping which if I knew then what I know now, I would have done differently!).  I shopped for most of the finishing touches online and even painted some of the “wall art” myself to avoid having to ruin my beautiful (in a masculine way) walls with pictures of those darn monkies. I even sewed a blanket and bumper for the crib, which I have since learned, is considered contraband, but I still considered necessary, at least for the purpose of aesthetics.

The pictures on this blog were taken just before we brought Rex home. Since that day, one of the rugs has been moved to another room because a certain puppy decided to mark it as his own, the rocking chair is covered with milk, spit up and Trivisal with Iron, and the changing table is littered with any number of “distractions” utilized to calm our little angel during a diaper meltdown. The crib continues to be against regulation with two large pillows, fifteen stuffed bunnies, a noisemaker, binky and two blankets, but he likes it, and that’s all that matters. (Don’t worry; he doesn’t actually sleep there yet!)  I figure I can keep the pastel, whimsical design in there until he is at least sixteen, right?

This is the cleanest you will ever see it.

A sheep and a dog. In case you couldn't tell.

Perfect viewing point of the mailman and unsuspecting neighbor going to pickup their mail.

We chose the name "Rex" because it is an inexpensive name to decorate around. (only 3 letters!)



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“So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen, goodbye…” If only I’d bought futures in batteries a long time ago…

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  • 1. Debbie  |  April 15, 2012 at 8:15 am

    It’s absolutely adorable!! Annnnnd Kudos to the entire ‘Rex Team’ that helped complete this small feat indeed, but success in the end!!! Looks wonderful, and your chair looks quite comfortable vs. just a hard ol’ wooden rocker that I am sure over time would leave permanent sores on your lil’ heinie!!! I am VERY impressed with how you chose Rex’s name!!! Who knew that it LITERALLY was that SIMPLE…’aka’ Simpler Times ..makes so much sense to me now….ONLY three letters!!! Watch out you might start a trend, could be an over abundance of kids out there with names like, Bob, Ted, Jim, Ben, you get da’ picture!!!!! Hugs to the family!!! Does Myles on the rug now????:)

  • 2. Grand Ma Self  |  April 17, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    REALLY cute room, Angela!

    Just a few comments, however. I don’t want people getting the wrong idea about me.

    First, I am not “Gran-Ma-Self”. I am “GRAND Ma Self” There is a big difference, there.

    And why, why, WHY did I get a daughter who heckles her mother with such glee? I don’t get no respect. Allow me to set the record straight, and put the blame wherever I think I can get away with it:

    First, I was not aware that I would be designing and painting a nursery when I flew out to California. Hense, I flew back to Maryland with permanent blobs of “Sunshine Yellow” on my good (once black) loafers, and really cool-looking paper overalls designed for people who packed their suitcases without knowing they were going to be painting a nursery. Got them at Lowe’s. Cool store.

    Second, I admit that I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator, but I am quite tenacious about finishing my decorating projects once I start them. However, this can present a problem when one tries to pack a six-day (and night) project into the three days before my plane leaves again. You might say I procrastinated because I didn’t start as soon as I got off the plane, but I was blissfully unaware until later that this was an assignment cleverly thought up by my daughter (you) to keep me out of “everyone’s” (yours) hair.

    Third, I was not the one who painted the light switches stuck. I am not telling who it was, I’m just saying it wasn’t me. I promised Patty I wouldn’t say anything about it to anyone.

    And last, I do not use staples and glue guns to avoid having to sew stuff. I have been burned too many times with a hot glue gun, so I have switched to duct tape.

    I just re-read your blog, and I missed one little item the first time, so I will quote you: “Gran-Ma had built the prototype and then become completely distracted while I finished the job.”

    Yes, I WAS completely distracted.

    By a plane. I was back in Maryland. The joke was on you. Ha ha.

    • 3. Sarah S @RunningOnWords  |  April 24, 2012 at 5:15 am

      Grand Ma Self, you ma’am are hilarious!

      The nursery looks great! I can’t do letters in ours because spelling out Charlotte would cost me a stupid amount of money. From now on, all babies in this house get three letter names.


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