Rex, the Million-Dollar Baby

March 6, 2012 at 10:05 pm 2 comments

At this point we might have a bit of a competition between Rex and Myles as to who is going to wind up costing us more. Rex has a bit of a leg up as he is insured (ah, insurance, don’t get me started); Myles on the other hand, well, its time for him to go and get himself a job. Myles, mommy and daddy are not going to be able to keep you in the premium rawhide without a little extra help from you. I mean lets be honest, you are almost thirty in people years. Perhaps you could do quality control at the local Safeway? Primo Taglio Roast Beef is good stuff (as you know)… just a thought!

Anyway, since Rex is beginning to stabilize at the NICU, Dane and I have had the time to start focusing on the “how much is this going to cost us in the end” aspect of our little hospital stay. And wow, talk about “funny” math, I don’t think I have had this much trouble arriving at a dollar amount since the last time I tried to interpret my commissions statement from IBM. (Generally that seemed to heavily depend on the positioning of the sun and moon combined with a multiplier that took into account your zodiac sign). I find it both funny and ironic that even though one of us has a PhD in Electrical Engineering (not me) and the other is not too shabby when it comes to basic math either, that we don’t have a clue how to compute our out of pocket costs in this situation, or how insurance works in general.

Do we both insure him? If we do, do we both pay the maximum out of pocket? Who ends up being primary in the end? And does it even matter? If anyone out there can answer these questions for us in layman’s terms feel free to give us a call. (Call Dane though, as I have AT&T and we all know how reliable AT&T is) It’s amusing that not even the hospital seems to know exactly how this coverage thing all works, kinda like doing your taxes in my opinion, you are never quite sure if you are doing it right. Oh, the government at work … if only Ron Paul was in charge life would be all peaches and pretzel bagels.

Yep, to date Rex’s total bill for his last three weeks in the hospital is $300k. I could probably build a hospital for that amount of money. The only positive I see here is that I can feel totally justified pocketing whatever diapers, nose suckers, binkies, swaddles, bottles and onesies the nurses decide to give us. I mean $150k for a nasal aspirator seems a bit steep but whatever; at least it is hospital grade.

But enough about insurance, (trust me I could go on and on, its just Ma Self would probably get mad) and instead lets move onto our favorite little tax deduction, Rex. (hey, ‘tis the season) Rex has been doing really well this last week. He is off his incubator and onto a real honest to goodness crib! He is no longer jaundiced, and has now had his third head ultrasound and each one has shown no further bleeds and that the current clot is being reabsorbed. Rex is also gaining weight at a steady pace, today he is up to 4lbs, 5oz. All his doctors (and there are many) keep commenting about how well he is doing. All this good news means way more cuddle time for all three of us!

Did I mention he is also wearing clothes now AND I have managed to dress him in just shy of twenty minutes? Now if only I could stop referring to his little feet as paws…

Rex continues to impress everyone with his strong sucking capability. He will latch onto just about anything that passes within a centimeter of his mouth. The other day, during cuddle time, I looked down and noticed he was sound asleep but sucking on the side of his hand which had resulted in a bit of an arm hickey. (Watch out ladies, especially you Marilyn, I know you are only 4lbs and 35 weeks but Rex has had his eye on you since you moved into our NICU room two nights ago!) As far as the sucking goes, we also had a pretty incriminating picture of Dane and Rex from the other day but I was told to delete it. Oh well. By far the best part of the sucking thing (and maybe this is too much information) is that Rex is breastfeeding like a champ! Good times!

Rex does still need to sort a few things out. He has started having a bit of reflux in the last few days, which appears to be resulting in him having more “de-sats” or low levels of oxygen than before. We also have the ongoing issue with his heart. Currently he is being treated with Lasix and Digoxin and is handling both well so they continue to be able to push out the surgery date until he gets a little bigger and stronger. We are also told that he will probably come home before the surgery, which is great BUT at also kinda stressful if as it feels like we would just be waiting for him to show signs of heart failure at home. (yuck) I guess we’ll continue to be on a first name basis with the cardiologist. The same cardiologist who seems to only want to speak with me since he and Dane don’t really see eye to eye. (Mostly ‘cuz Dane is taller)

There is no doubt Rex will be a ladies man. He has all the nurses in the NICU wrapped around his little (heavily sucked on) finger. Rex loves to smile and always has his eyes open, just a little bit, to make sure that someone/everyone is paying attention to him. Every morning when I arrive at the hospital one of the nurses has usually taken a picture of something Rex has done during the night that they want to show me — it’s always pretty entertaining. My favorite is this video, which I have chosen to title “You’re Not My Mommy” because he certainly never gives me that concerned look when I feed him!

“You’re Not My Mommy”

Dane and I are also doing well. We are keeping a pretty random schedule, which sometimes means we eat dinner at 10:30PM but at least we are eating. I have become pretty sleep deprived at this point. My favorite sleep deprivation moment came last night when I stopped at a store on the way home to get myself a Gatorade. I walked in, grabbed my drink of choice and turned and walked right passed the cashier and out the door before I finally noticed I actually needed to pay for the aforementioned beverage. My other favorite came a couple of days ago when I lost a bottle of shampoo I had purchased and found it in the refrigerator.

I have managed to kick the hives for the most part; now I only have them on my legs. I still like to complain about them to Dane on a regular basis though. I figure more discomfort equals better “push present”. I have my eye on something from Tiffany’s.

Again, we just wanted to say “thank you” to all of you who continue to check in on the “Hoover”. It’s really been wonderful to hear from you all on such a regular basis.
It’s funny that when I wrote our Christmas Letter last year I figured that 2012 would be pretty dull in comparison. At this point its only the beginning of March and that is clearly not the case. I am pretty sure I will have plenty of material for multiple Letters this year. Well, that is, as long as we can afford the postage after paying Rexy’s hospital bills!

Happy Three Weeks Birthday Rex!


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  • 1. kevin Mazzola  |  March 7, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Glad to hear you’re all doing so well.

    Stop stealing. 🙂

  • 2. Sierika  |  March 29, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Angela, I may an explanation for you with regards to the insurance. I’ll message you. Sierika


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